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21-6-2017 - Extra Information SAIL 2017

The upcoming days SAIL 2017 will be held in Den Helder, for more general information on the event please visit 

The SNS Pool operations will be affected by the event in the following ways:
- Quayside 35 and the whole of Nieuwe Diepkade are not available for mooring and operational use – as vessels
are exhibited there
- Vessels not related to SAIL may not sail in, sail out or shift in port or be in the roads during:
Sail in on Thursday June 22 between 14:00 hrs. and 22:00 hrs.
Sail out Sunday June 25 between 12:00 hrs. and 19:00 hrs. 
- There will be fireworks on Friday June 23 and Saturday June 24 around 23:00 hours, limiting possibilities
for  vessel movement and certain operations
- Due to expected 350.000+ visitors traffic jams in town are expected and Paleiskade is harder to reach
as per news on the SNS Pool website (take this into account with potential crew changes, stores etc) 
- And last but not least there will be significantly more traffic in port
During SAIL we will remain serving the SNS Pool from Den Helder. 
Only the Kroonborg and VOS Paradise will be handled in IJmuiden port, depending on the situation
other SNS Pool vessels may be redirected to IJmuiden as well, but only with explicit instructions of SNS Pool Planning. 
We count on your co-operation, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact SNS Pool Planning via or +31 223 685 130.

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