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20-4-2016 - Contract extensions for three PSVs

SNS Pool Manager Peterson Den Helder has extended the charter contracts for the platform supply vessels VOS Prelude, owned by Vroon Offshore Services, Dina Merkur, owned by Myklebusthaug Offshore, and Far Splendour, owned by Farstad Shipping.

For the 74 metre-long VOS Prelude the extension runs until August 2016, for the 73,60 metre-long Dina Merkur until October 2016 and the 74 metre-long Far Splendour till November 2016.

The VOS Prelude is a platform supply vessel of the well-known type UT755 LN, the Dina Merkur of the type UT755 LC, and the Far Splendour of the type P106.

                                                  Photos : PAS Publicaties

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