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Manual - Flight requests

The Oil and Gas industry in the Dutch sector of the North Sea operate over a hundred exploitation and exploration platforms. The transportation of employees and express deliveries for all these platforms is carried out by helicopters from Den Helder Airport.

When crew is requested by an Oil and Gas Operator a flight request with passenger information needs to be send to the ALC. For Shell/NAM passengers please call +31 (0)223524440.

Passenger booking
If the passenger is traveling offshore for the first time please fill in a Personnel Registration Form and send it together with copies of valid Medical and Safety Certificates to the ALC. The requirements for traveling offshore can be found in Manual – Offshore Requirements.

For booking a passenger on a flight please complete a Request form and send it to the ALC. They will process your request and in consultation with the Oil and Gas Operator will book the passenger on a flight to the specific offshore installation.

Check-in times will be provided by the ALC, one day prior to the flight, between 14:00 and 16:30 hrs.

Make sure the passenger is aware of his check-in time and reports to the check-in desk on time. Please inform the ALC if and when a passenger is delayed so they can take appropriate action.

Rules and Regulations
Travel documents
A passenger needs to carry a valid travel document at all times. Without a passport or ID card, a passenger is not allowed to go to a offshore location.

For their own safety Oil and Gas operators require passengers to wear 3 layers of clothing underneath their survival suit. When a passenger does not meet this requirement, he will be removed from the flight.

Drugs and alcohol
There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and drugs. A passenger under influence of drugs and/or alcohol is not allowed to travel to and work on an offshore location. The security department at Den Helder Airport checks this very strictly.

Freight and luggage are not allowed in the passenger cabin. These will be handled as cargo and will be loaded into the aircraft by the platform stewards. Personal luggage cannot exceed 10kg. When a passenger needs to take more luggage please inform the ALC of the surplus. Security checks all the luggage with the use of an X-ray for e.g. weapons, drugs, liquor, medication, dangerous goods, etc.

When a passenger takes extra freight with him, make sure he takes the right documentation with him.
More information about freight and cargo transport can be found in Manual – Rules and regulations for freight transport.

Before flight
Every passenger must strictly follow the directions given by security, platform stewards or HLO, pilots and customs.

During flight
A passenger must strictly follow directions given by the helicopter crew at all times.

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