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Several Oil & Gas operators active on the Dutch sector of the North Sea initiated the idea to combine passenger and helicopter logistics in one Air Logistics Centre (ALC).

The ALC originally was operational as of October 2004. In this first test phase it was a co-operation between the flight dispatchers working for the different operators. After this first successful phase, arrangements were made to make the ALC a permanent and independent organization. As of October 2006 the day to day management of the ALC is in the hands of Peterson. The ALC schedules the flights for ONE-Dyas, Neptune Energy, Petrogas E&P and Spirit Energy.

The objective of the ALC is to improve the efficiency in helicopter capacity usage. This objective is pursued by sharing flights between operators. This enables the ALC to reduce the number of flights, fuel emission, fuel costs and subsequently increase the overall safety for each individual operator. The ALC is directed and supervised by the Steering Committee.

Participants in the ALC are:

  • Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V
  • Neptune Energy Netherlands B.V.
  • Spirit Energy Nederland B.V. 
  • ONE-Dyas




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